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Donation for Farmer's Hobby - Port style Merlot, 750 ml, box of 10

Back to Seasonal Specials Donation for Farmer's Hobby - Port style Merlot, 750 ml, box of 10

For your donation to the farm you will receive 10, 750 ml, bottles of wine. (Single bottles are available at the farm for a minimum donation of $12.)

Wouldn't this be perfect for your holiday meals, parties and gifts?

Reuben started making wine from kits 20 years ago and advanced over the years to getting juice from Chile and Italy. Last year he and his friends bought 1000 pounds of Merlot grapes from Washington State and over the year, step by step, created a very special red wine he wants to share with you.

Washington Merlot is truly hand crafted from grape to bottle. Farmer Reuben loves the robust flavor profile, the semi-sweet aspect and the higher alcohol (apprx. 15%) of this "port-style" Merlot.

Farm members have enjoyed Reuben’s wines over the years when they visit the farm and make a donation. Pleasantly surprised by the quality, they return again and again, purchasing for themselves and for gifting to the wine lovers in their lives.

Your donation will go toward the purchase of a fermentation tank to keep improving the farmer’s wine making hobby.

Producer: Willow Haven Farm
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